the media is afraid of cindy sheehan

Twenty percent of our soldiers are coming back from Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder, depression, or anxiety. About thirty percent of Vietnam soldiers came home with or developed PTSD. we have lost about the same amount of troops in the first two years of the Iraq war as we did in the first four of Vietnam. We need to stop this war NOW. Enough time has been given, enough lives have been lost and ruined. Why is it so hard for people to believe that bush would lie? Every president lies. I do realize the magnitude of his lies, but these people walk around, like your some sort of a "crackpot" if you, god forbid believe that: 911 maybe wasn't OBL, and Al quada? Or that bush lost both elections just ask ?Ohio and gore. Or that our best intentions just might not be on the presidents list of priorities.
Your supposed to question authority!
Question government because you have to. They have feared us into zombies. They have pinned one side of the country against the other creating the most hateful, negative air circulating in America. We cant question anyone, cant disagree, do you see how angry, no, emotionally out of control, angry, some people get? We all get heated but, Gordan liddy(?) was on msnbc with Ariana huffington, he was like shaking, and dropping totally inappropriate, seemingly anti-Greek comments on her. I was in awe, my jaw dropped. Just as it did with Hannity his seething animosity oozing across the screen about Cindy sheehan wanting the president "handcuffed and shackled", I couldn't make this up. bill oreilly and rush Limbaugh, Anderson cooper was out in rare form too. i just simply don't get it.
That lead to a question:
why are they afraid?
they are the captains at instilling fear and belittling people who disagree. So why they are afraid?
I think they fear that they are losing. If you watch close enough you'll see the power slipping from they're fingers. They are losing control. They have"rovegate" pending, and Cindy Sheehan leaning on bush. They have 60 percent of this country deciding that we are on the wrong path in Iraq. People are upset about gas prices (personally i don't think we pay enough for gas. do we really need suv's?). People dont have health care, I don't have any, do you? This administration has a lot in front of them right now. I'm not sure that they will clean their plates. Now is the time for us to stand together. Cindy sheehan has waken up a movement that went to sleep when it decided to support john kerry (Just when we could have made a difference, we threw our votes in the trash with the slogans like "anyone but bush").
We need to stop killing innocent Iraqi's and we need to bring our troops home this war is an illegal war. We were duped into believing information that was not true. They knew this information was false, they were trying to trick us! and they did. we need to unite tell
george W. bush that
no one has to die tomorroW.