The Revolution is in Full Swing; The Real ID Act of 2005 is Collapsing, One Great State at a Time

Missouri took action and defeated The Real ID Act yesterday. Details are sketchy, as the Main Stream Media has completely blacked this story out. The Missouri State Coordinater for We The People, Jim Palmisano, posted the news along with his phone number, from there someone re-posted it, and we called him, he filled in some details. Grassroots in action.
House Concurrent Resolution No. 20, HCR 20, "AN ACT relating to a prohibition on the implementation of the federal REAL ID Act", passed UNANIMOUSLY, 32-0. That sends a definite message to the New World Order, We The People have the strength to defeat you!

The Missouri Act calls The Real ID Act of 2005, unconstitutional,

it also, "prohibits the State of Missouri from participating in the implementation of the REAL ID Act of 2005."

Not only denies its use, or validity in Missouri, it also directs the Department of Revenue, DMV, and Drivers Licensing specifically NOT to implement any provisions of the Real ID Act, and report to the Governor if the Department of Homeland Security, or any other "agency", attempts to enforce the Real ID Act's provisions.

Missouri told the NWO to Get out and Stay out!

Take some action in your state, Repeal the Real ID Act. Organize and lean on elected officials, time is running out, an implementation plan MUST BE ready by October 2007!