911 Truth: Rosie O'Donnell Stumps Main Stream Media With WTC7 Facts and Other 9/11 Anomalies

Rosie O'Donnell has been on fire this week. Yesterday on The View she really brought it all together for her audience, and spoke about false flag terrorist attacks, and WTC 7. She certainly left viewers with plenty of things to research, while the view takes a break for a week.

The "Hot Topics" started out fierce. Early in the debate, Elisabeth Hasselback actually said if Bush and Blaire conspired to send the raft full of Brits into Iranian waters, to provoke them, then he'd be a smart President. ...baffling... She has the idea that its OK for the USA to break the UN rules but not the rest of the world, so blind. This is the attitude that makes people HATE US! Why are we above any law?
She goes on to say that oil is power, and we shouldn't give it to Iran. America leads the world on oil consumption. PLUS, It's their oil, its not for us to GIVE to anyone!
...Pure Brainwash, definitely, the whole country...
The clip speaks for itself but so many people missed this part, there is so much to pay attention to in the ten minute clip, and it goes quick.
Rosie's critics have no ground to stand on. She has "come out", so delicately. She has not accused anyone of anything, instead she is only asking questions about 911, and offering historical insight to those who are ignorant to it. She slams the MSM, including network that shes on, and calls on Americans to Seek The Truth from media outside of our own, asking her audience to do the research, because "whats going on in this country is frightening".

On Bill O'reilly tonight he had at least two segments on Rosie (obviously shes been good for his ratings). He compares people who ask questions, to Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a faggot, its irrational. He believes certain Americans should have their freedom of speech taken away, in fact he wants Rosie off the air because
"Loose Change is going to get Americans killed"
O'Reilly began to tell the same story as the previous night about a caller who lost his son in law and how Rosie is hurting his feelings. Its sad, O'Reilly's blatant exploitation of this mans pain. There has also been 655,000 Iraqi's killed. They have also been casualties of this war being fought in their homeland, based on lies.
Its tragedy all around, and 911 was used to change everything in the world, we should all be asking questions, and not get caught up debating whether or not we are allowed to ask them.
Stop The Insanity!