CNBC Drenched In Illuminati Symbolism. What The Hell Is Going On?

The Globalists hidden language is being intertwined with our television flicker rates and jammed into our brains. The first signs of trouble with the pending New World Order are often alluded to on NBC's business news channel, CNBC. In a matter of five seconds, CNBC manages to conjure evil forces with an inverted pentagram, burn Nazi symbols into the screen, show 911 imagery and flash multiple Freemason symbols. News Reader, Bob O'Brien gets his true message across as he holds an Illuminati hand gesture, during the "STOCKS TO WATCH" segment. We caught it all, and here it is, frame by frame, occultist messages, on CNBC. ...

The "global leader in business news", reaches 231 million households worldwide, with more than 86 million in North America alone. NBC is the parent station of CNBC, and home to the "Peacock God". Throughout this particular CNBC propaganda, more is revealed with each frame, normally it would pass too quickly for us to recognize. The "all seeing eye" dominates the clip. It can be traced back to the eye of Horus, which symbolizes Royal Power, while the equilateral triangle the eye appears in, is a common symbol for Deity.

...Worship the power of money....

Every image is troubling, but the symbol used to manifest Satan on earth is just mind blowing. The reflection of
the letter "A", in the word "WATCH", has an upside down pentagram inside of it, instead of the identical pyramid shape. There is so much evil associated with this symbol, and it was clearly put in on purpose.
Still, there is more to be unveiled. One frame is a look into pre-911. The constant use of twin tower images, draws on our emotions, here they are shining in sunlight. The Nazi symbolism that is "burned" onto the screen, uses vibrant reds and oranges in this primarily blue/gray graphic. Instantly, the mind calls up the two lightening bolts side by side, "SS", Hitlers Grand Army, his "protection squad".

Finally CNBC's Bob O'Brien comes on the screen to give the rundown of which stocks to watch, as he holds the horns of satan, a well known Illuminati hand gesture. A sign of recognition and allegiance, a form of communication to certain members of an elite society, easily overlooked by the masses, hidden in plain sight on TV. All of this in a simple five second 60 hertz flicker. A rate that is proven to put us in a trance like state, decreasing brain activity. The television is the ideal tool
and according to "The TUBE" (a movie that looks at General Electric, CNBC's parent company) "General Electric was instrumental in the development of TV, scientists at GE's Department of Public Opinion Research were the first to measure the brainwaves of a person watching TV".
CNBC could be sending information to people who know how to interpret this symbolic language. Or perhaps they are sending images to our
unconscious minds, altering our perceptions, with these subliminal messages. The control they have is going unchecked by the citizens of the world.

What The Hell Is Going On?
Watch the original five second clip here.

...huge thanks to NutekK LabS