FEMA Camps: Be Afraid, Be Aware, Take Action

Alex Jones sent his crew, Kevin Smith* and Aaron Dykes out to investigate a FEMA camp in Taylor Texas earlier this week, and they brought back some disturbing footage, children behind barbed wire fences, for starters.

The Alex Jones Show has, once again, out done the Main Stream Media. His crew went out on the front lines to get this on tape. When journalist, Greg Palast, caught a FEMA camp on video in September 2006, he and his producer Matt Pascarella were charged with "unauthorized filming of a critical national security structure”, by the Department Of Homeland Security.
They were facing jail time, luckily charges were dropped.
Smith and Dykes went out while Jones remained live on the radio, I was listening while they tag teamed coverage, the broadcast was intense, they released the footage today.

They should be applauded.
*One suggestion, Kevin Smith should be allowed the mic when Jones takes the day off. Just my 2¢

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