On september eleventh he was a "principal" in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. marvin also sat as director of a company that carried some insurance of the WTC on september eleventh as well, HCC Insurance holdings inc. also his brother is the president. marvin bush.
airport, airline, target, clean up, what are the friggen odds?

Things get a touch confusing but, Marvin is also co-founder and partner in Winston Partners, a private investment firm. Winston Partners is part of a larger firm called the Chatterjee Group. The Chatterjee Group consists of a bunch of companies,firms and groups. The Chatterjee Group owns 5.5 million shares in a security company known as Sybase. Shares are divided up pretty evenly between, Winston Partners LP Winston Partners LLC holding and Winston Partners LDC. Sybase has contracts with the navy, the army, dod, the commerce, the treasury and the agricultural dept, WOW. inside information was a bitch for martha but not for marvin. Sybase was awarded over fourteen million dollars in contract in 2001.

There is also a very strange and eerie twist on marvin bush something just is not right. the babysitter for his children was killed in an odd accident. Bertha Champagne was killed by her own car in front of the bush's home. She left the house to get something out of the car, it must have been left in gear because when she was in front of the car it began to roll it rolled with her pinned right into an intersection. This happened September 29 but the washington post, the ONLY media outlet to cover the story at all, reported it six days later October 5 on page 3 of the Metro section.

This has to mean something to the people who dont see what makes anti bush people so angry. They are corrupt people, stealing our country, profiting from wars they start, and disasters they let rage out of control. Running american tax dollars around in a big circle right back into their own pockets. Marvin profits every time W makes a move, he was the head of the security in WTC, how could we let this massive conflict of interest was take place? The president the press, no one never thought WE might want to know, or needed to know that the presidents brother was responsible for security at dulles international airport that day. the government pushed those settlements at 911 survivors that agreed not to file lawsuits, do you think maybe they would have wanted to file lawsuits against maybe the security of the airlines, or the airport, they would definatly need to know what kind of security Securacom was actually providing.
im sure there will be more to learn about marvin.