Congressional Benchmark, Impeach Them All

In 2006 voters wanted America out of Iraq. Democrats smiled and waved,as they assured us that a vote for them would be a vote for the troops homecoming. Instead our votes have allowed for more war.

This "left/right" partnership has been in place, even before Pelosi became the Speaker of The House. Conyers, Dean, and Pelosi DECLARED that there would be NO IMPEACHMENT hearings for Bush in November 2006. Who brokered that deal, Dianne Feinstein, the war profiteer?
Her husband donated over 100,000 dollars to leading Democratic Senators, in return they get contracts she approves on The Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee. Still the Democrats smile and wave at us, they have no answers, only traitorous actions to say it all. Perhaps congress should not have banned this 5 min clip from Robert Greenwald's, "Iraq For Sale".

Despite the outcry from America, Democrats gave in to the War Machine, giving 120 Billion Dollars towards more bloodshed while tossing us two dollars and ten cents, an arrogant attempt to quiet the serfs. Insult is an understatement. They conduct the affairs of OUR country as if they are royalty. Democrats have now aligned themselves with Bush, who just
signed a directive calling himself a dictator. If we have a "catastrophic emergency" he is a taking over with the ability he has given himself to override Congress and The Constitution. From high on their perch they are decimating The Constitution, and abandoning The People. We are allowing this.
It is Time America.

In the Name of Patriotism, Who are the Patriots?