Global Dominance
part one: PNAC
You may have heard of PNAC, or Project for New American Century. Established in the late nineties this organization in their own words, " is a non-profit, educational organization whose goal is to promote American global leadership". They are seeking control of the global community, while advancing "American interests in the new century". They would like to achieve this Global Dominance by directing the worlds affairs,and imposing "American" freedoms onto foreign lands, just as they are currently forcing in Iraq. They want America to grow , they would like our military to grow, they would like to steer other nations into their rightful places, beneath them, beneath the United States.
It sounds like they want to take over the world, and its kind of working.

In 2000 they release a report titled, "Rebuilding Americas Defenses", this report was modestly talked about in the media throughout the past five years, but with no real investigation, by Main Stream Media. In the report there is a long list of "key findings" they mostly deal with war, multiple major wars and weapons, including keeping our nuclear arsenal up to date, improved upon, and pointing in any and all directions they should happen to choose. They want more military, which is scary because how they could they possibly achieve this, they have long explanations on our military, big plans, only achievable by one of two ways, a draft, or increasing military officials salaries. PNAC would like to be able to control "international commens", as in "cyberspace", which is defined by Merriam-Websters as, "the online world of computer networks". This violation of our privacy, is on our laps today under the Bush administration, which makes perfect sense. Worldwide submission, acheived through fear and intimidation, the PNAC agenda mirrors the Bushco. agenda.

The highlight of this report has been a statement that says basically all their big plans are possible, but only if America experiences some kind of a catastrophic event, using Pearl Harbor, as the example. A year later we had the event that could initiate some key PNAC strategies for America.

When those towers fell, the first question everyone had was "how?", they still have not answered that simple question, because there is only one answer that fits.
From the very beginning our president has had multiple members of this organization in his administration, or close on hand. Some PNAC/Bushco. Representatives include Vice President, Dick Cheney, and our Secretary. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Zalmay Khalilzad who is the US ambassador to Iraq, and Paul Wolfowitz, who is currently the president of the World Bank. A former Enron Board member, Robert B. Zoellick who is the current Bushco. Deputy Secretary of State, is a member too. Karl Rove, and I Lewis Libby the Valerie Plame CIA leak Key players, proud PNAC members. These are not coincidences, this is not merely a harmeless group, with ideas. This is an organization that has unfolded itself inside our nation. They have created their own America, a government that trusts no one, not its allies, and not its people. This organization wants to bring "revolutionary change". They have plotted the course for America, and the presidency of George W. Bush has been and continues to be their vehicle to promote Global Domination.
Americans should be standing up to this organization that has unleashed its Globally Militant agenda on the us, and the World.

to simply disagree is not enough