2058 Americans killed in Iraq

2058 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, since the start of the war. 2058 men and women have been killed on foreign soil, in a war that no one truly understands, and most people believe has been handled poorly, by Bushco. There are nearly eight times as many, 15,477 American soldiers that have been wounded, those are with serious injuries, missing limbs, and severe burns, this is a side of the war that they will not show us on twenty four seven cable news. And when are they allowed back home? In the middle of the night, no media, no pictures,no one to see . These lives were thrust into harms way by an administration seeking not truth and justice, or democracy, but money, they sought personal profit.

Iraqi's have lost their land, and (at conservative estimates) 30,000 men, woman, and children. An Iraqi humanitarian group is giving numbers of Iraqis killed in this war at 128,000, with 55% being woman and children under the age of 12. Imagine if the casualties are eight times that number, but unfortunatly the US doesn't know how many innocent people we bombed to death or severely wounded because, "we don't do body counts".

So, Who gets to win this war? One man, an American alli and a former intelligence provider, Ahmed Chalabi is trying. Chalabi was behind the sentiment that "Iraqi people will greet American troops with gratitude, as Saddams regime is toppled". Bushco felt such trust in Ahmed Chalabi that they had no planned wrap up of the Iraq Invasion, no exit strategy, and still, we have nothing.

Chalabi is currently the Interim Minister for oil and Deputy Prime Minister in Iraq. He is looking to be the President of Iraq. He is in the US for the next eight days to meet with Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, Stephan Hadley and RUMMY. The United states through the Pentagon had been paying chalabi over three hundred thousand dollars a month for intelligence information, leading up to the invasion of Iraq. The information we as American tax payers paid for, was Colin Powell's VERY BAD information he used to try to convince the the rest of the world, to support the invasion of Iraq.

Earlier this week Chalabi was met with reporters after meeting with Condoleeza Rice and was asked about his bogus intelligence that the US paid a lot of money for, to capture Chalabi's nemesis, he replied, "It's more important to look to the future than to the past". A fitting response.

A letter has been presented to Chalabi on behalf of Americans who want answers, and would like to see him testify under oath, in a Congressional committee, about all of his "intelligence" that proved to be false.

The Iraqi citizens and American soldiers have suffered these losses because our administration lied to us and made an attempt to link Iraq and saddam and 911, thirty thousand civilians to two thousand, and we were mad as hell. How mad do you think they are? How many generations of hate have we produced in the new liberated Iraq? This war is being fought in our names They will hate us, our children and our grandchildren, because OUR leaders lied. Ahmed Chalabi needs to testify.
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