samuel alito
This is the man that we will not stop hearing about for the remainder of 2005. Sam Alito is the supreme court nominee. A brief backround, an Italian catholic from Jersey, he went to YALE law school, and he's got two kids. Enough personal backround.

It would appear that these men that this administration appoint run with the same old GOP crowd. In the early eighties he was assistant to Rex Lee, Reagans Solicitor General (Lee, a morman, and not just any morman, a direct descendant of Jon Lee, who thought it was a good idea to kill unarmed unbeleivers). For two years in the late eighties sam was the assistant to attorney general Meese, another YALE graduate. Meese was a Reagan-Bush man too, who wanted to eradicate porn. Bush Sr. nominated Alito as well, in 1990 for the third circuit appeals court. Round the Neo-cons we go.

The most talked about case thus far (very early in the "game") is from 1991 when he argued that a women should be forced to tell their husbands before an abortion. Another case that will surface soon, is Doe vs. Groody, where Alito stated the case that police officers where aloud to strip search a woman and her TEN year old daughter while a search warrant was issued only for a man and his home, quite a violation of their rights. Could you imagine it being ok to have unauthorized stip searches? I bet the replacement for harriet miers is pleasing all those bushco supporters, and disapointing all those dems.

There is so much manure to cut through from both republicans and democrats that I cant find any truth. The supreme court has become a tool for both parties, and its all cronyism, its difficult to interpret a system that is consitantly dishonest with us, but we have to try. The senate has the majority, holding on to 55 of the possible 100 votes, but that shouldnt matter, these men and woman should be voting on behalf of us, not their party, or their religouse beleifs.
Deciding who should decide our freedoms for us? It doesnt even sound right, everything comes with political party ties, why should this obviouse republican, self proclaimed catholic, decide whats right for all of us?