the need for an "automatic trigger"

Since the start of hurricane katrina bush has been mentioning the military taking a larger role in responding to catastrophic events. Bushco is on the hunt for congress to repeal a law from 1878, the Posse Comitatus Act. This law prohibits the use of federal troops in domestic law enforcement. It bans the army, navy, air force, and marines from participating in police type activity on US soil. At the white house briefing on saturday, scott Mclellan started a dialogue with the media about posse comitatus and "working with congress to look at these issues" , as congress is needed to repeal this law. On sunday mclellan is making statements on behalf of the president "it's something he believes very strongly, that Congress needs to consider", (he goes on to drop another reason why these drastic measures may be neccassry, like "a disease pandemic, like an avian flu outbreak", bush used the same example "disease outbreaks", in his speech on sept. 15th.). Right now everything falls under the department of homeland security, it seems they want to move it to fall under the department of defense, Rummy.
By monday mclellan is calling it a need for an "automatic trigger", it sounds so impulsive, the progression over this issue, as silent as its been in the media, is intense. Slow down, everybody should have been checking each others work in the gulf coast before katrina. This "automatic trigger" they are looking for could easily be common sense. It seems to me that hurricane Katrina was a win all around for bushco, the less competent everyone was, the bigger the payoff. Now this attempt to high jack our rights, is being rushed right by us. Just some perspective, one of the supporters of repealing the posse comitatis act is Mr. PNAC himself, wolfowitz, hes testified that it would be a good idea to give federal troops a role in policing citizens for preventing terrorism. That could mean whatever they want, "preventing terrorism" , it would be like a preemptive attack on us. hopefully the lesson has been learned already, when they gave bushco the patriot act. You cant blink around here without our civil liberties being repealed by these people.