hurricane kat-rita

Is it just me? Does'nt it seem odd to you how similar these two are?

Where is the interest in the fact that these two storms have been very close together in timing, in size, in formation, where they formed and in path. This one is headed right for oil refineries, just as katrina was.

If some economists thought that katrina alone could trigger a reccession, than what will a second hurricane, of this force, do now? There are over 200000 people jobless because of katrina, plus jobless claims rose to the highest levels in two years, this all before rita, and these numbers are just claims, they exclude the people who are out of work and are unable to make claims.

With the cost of Iraq and Katrina, what will the bill add up to when rita gets added in? Will it be as if we were fighting three wars? It seems to me that these storms are going to make some rich people even wealthier, leaving most americans caught in the struggle to make ends meet.

sumthin aint right.