On September fourteenth four house committees, house judiciary committee, house international relations committee, house permanent select committee on intelligence, and the house armed services committee will be meeting to discuss the outing of valerie plame as a CIA covert agent, better known as "ROVEGATE". Turn on the news or pick up the paper and you wont find anything about it, but Rep. John Conyers released a statement today in an attempt to "out" some republicans by having their votes, and opinions heard over the internet. In his statement he expressed his frustration with the " dragging of the feet" that has gone on:
"The Bush Administration refuses to police itself in the midst of criminal and ethical misconduct and it is time for Congress to exercise its duty to oversee the Executive Branch." Republicans wanted to sidestep these committees meeting because they didnt want to "interrupt" the ongoing investigation, by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. Even though this investigation, has 21 members of the white house involved, including our president and vice president. As of today there have been no indictments.

listen in:

House Judiciary Committee, Wednesday, September 14, 10 AM,ET
House International Relations Committee, Wednesday: 10:30 AM, ET,
House Armed Services Committee, Time TBA, Tuesday, September 20,