"There is no greater catastrophe than underestimating the enemy."

- tao te ching chapter 69

The problems this country is facing have become insurmountable.
Global Dominance is being acheived by creating a less educated, obese, consumption addicted society, that is so lethargic they cant get out of their seat to accomplish anything. We have allowed this to reach epidemic proportions, our American culture, is engulfed in butter, corn syrup, and fat, it is lacking substance. This footprint that we will be leaving, our mark for the future to see, is pathetic, this. We are over obsessed with superficiality. Defining each other by clothing labels, and cars we drive, ignoring the true cost of oil and the hands that sewed those labels. We are bombarded by images of "famous" people drowning in expensive props, that they have done nothing notable to deserve. This is not the time for hollow icons, we have been asleep at the wheel, and our future is in jeopardy.

On TV there are commercials for drugs that you can get any time you want at the doctors office, yet our jails are overcrowded because of mandatory minimums for minor marijuana offences. That's getting ahead of things though, because you can barely get a prescription for that bottle of pills without health insurance.
There are 46 million people without Health Insurance in America. Most people working at independent smaller businesses aren't even offered an option, private insurance will cost you more than five hundred dollars a month. While the countries largest private employer, Walmart, is forced to offer its employees health insurance, it is actually unaffordable for most of its workers.
There are no easy answers, they may not even exist, universal health care, may be our only option, but the government already has too far a reach into our lives, never mind a look-see at our medical charts. For now, if you want good health insurance at an affordable rate, you have to work for a company large enough to provide it, and hope your salary affords you the luxury, of having a doctor.

We are enrobed in a "screw you" mentality, pinned against one another, at every level of every job, in every aspect you could imagine, everyday in our lives, its survival of the fittest, we are sharks waiting for some direction, but we have no leadership. Major news networks act as though they have been chosen to speak for us, but they most certainly are not our voices. They are overstepping boundaries. Unfortunately, for the sake of fairness, they are only paid employees. Their job enables the government's dominance, they aren't just a tool, they are THE tool. They were the first to appoint W. in 2000, they said it, and so it was. They ignored the people of the world, and just echoed the bush administrations lies on the road to war in Iraq. They never asked questions after September 11th, and now they allow this president to tote that day around over our heads, stomping out any right you think you might have because you should just be AFRAID! They ignore the crisis in our school system, instead helping children by announcing when a couple of them have gone missing. The news media has become judge and jury to all of us, and if your life doesn't fit into that cookie cutter, you better make it, because they are wiretapping us, our children secretly taping their teachers, and every good american should report any suspicious behavior, you can go ahead and call pretty much anything you want suspicous, after all everyone must be vigilant at a time of war.

Housing bubble bursting, Iraq war, disastrous, Iran on the fence, credit card debt mounting, college tuition being paid more now by loans than grants with an icredibly heavy pricetag, generation Y about to hit the work force in numbers this country hasn't seen since the baby boomers, education, healthcare, violence, war, poverty, and all we can think about is our purchasing power.

We have blamed our complacency on lack of leadership, but enough already, at this point our problems surpass bushco.