Above the Law

The Senate Judiciary committee will be voting on the confirmation of Samuel Alito next week. I had not been watching the hearings or following the "Alito story" too closely, (he will most likely be confirmed by the committee), today however, the story became interesting. The democrats lashed out at Bushco and Samuel Alito. Senator Leahy came out to say he will vote no to Alito who he feels will not provide the necessary check "at a time when the president is seizing unprecedented power" Senator Salazar will vote no as well, because "Alito would place to much power in the hands of the president." It sounds like the Democratic party has really focused in on this, it will be nice if they don't screw it up because this "expansion of presidential powers" is over the top.

This is not the first show of attack from the Democrats, earlier this week, on January 16th Senator Clinton was out doing some damage to Bush, describing his leadership as "one of the worst" in U.S. history. Al Gore took aim at our president as well,with a speech that FOX News chose not to air. Gore took on the the illegal wiretaps that Bush has been authorizing without warren ts for the few years . Gore concludes that Bush has been "breaking the law repeatedly and persistently" for just as long. The former 2004 election quitter hasn't had much to say for a while, its nice to have him back as long as he keeps firing at Bushco and their abuses of our government and laws. This administration responds by playing the same "national security" card, we are spying on you to protect you. A lot like we fight them in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here.

There have been Two lawsuits filed this week one from the American Civil Liberties Union and the other from The Center for Constitutional Rights, against the National Security Agency, its director, and "the heads of the other major security agencies." The White House shakes them off as "frivolous", that is difficult to hear, Bush has placed himself in a league of his own, going against the will of the people, against the good of the people, and above the law. who are they spying on? He was out there sharing with the folks about how a wire tap needed a court order, he knew he was lying, in fact as the words were coming out of his mouth someone in the United States was being spied on with a wiretap that he had authorized without a court order.


"by the way, any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires – a wiretap requires a court order."

Bush 2004 Buffalo, N.Y.