i thought more fish would fry
But there is still hope. It seems now (a whole four hours later) that Libby will become a tool for Fitzgerald. The Special Prosecutor has made it clear enough that the heart of the investigation could not be finished because of the lies by (at least) Libby. Scooter, was an appointed official by this administration, in turn, he will be their fall guy. ...BUT... This remains unresolved, and Libby will have the opportunity to plea bargain, i would imagine that this is the route Pat Fitzgerald will take to catch the bigger fish, a higher ranked Bushco official perhaps, hopefully, because otherwise this is a pretty anticlimatic ending. As i said in my post prior to this, I Lewis Libby is a member of PNAC, and he aint going down too far, or badly, he knows too much, thats why he lied.