war at any cost
Since the iraq war started Iraq has lost more than twenty-six thousand innocent people. America has lost almost 2000 soldiers. Our news media does not think much about these lives lost, when was the last time you heard anderson cooper, or bill o'reilly drop the amount of iraqis killed? These people did not call on america to free them, at any amount of life lost. We have NO plan to leave this country, NO plan to save more innocent people from dying, and absolutly NO plan to bring our troops back home.
This war was never about freeing these people from saddam, or protecting ourselves, there were no WMD's. This war was about OIL. This white house is covered in oil. We have the former CEO of the company that is rebuilding Iraq, (and the gulf coast for that matter) in the white house,dick cheney. Condoleeza rice was on the board at chevron and also headed their committee on public policy before becoming our nations national security adviser, in fact they actually tried to name an oil tanker Condoleezza Rice. Bush himself started his long oil career in 1979.
This administration has knowingly made unture statements to us. We have been told, by our President, that the mission had been accomplished over 2 years ago. The secretary of the Department of the Treasury, john snow said, "The cost of the war will be small. We can afford the war, and we'll put it behind us." that was almost three years ago. We have beleived them for far too long.
As of today, this war has cost 197 billion dollars and its climbing, expected to reach over 204 billion dollars by the end of this year. Thanks to The Cost of War , we know that for the same cost, 119 million kids could be insured for a year, that would mean that every child in america could be insured, and not just by some crappy medcare alternitive. 197 billion dollars would be enough to fight hunger for 8 years world-wide, there are currently more than 852 million people across the world that are hungry. For 197 billion dollars, AID's programs could have been fully funded, globally, for 19 years. Of the worlds 34 million with aids, 30 million live in africa, and we chose to save the people of Iraq. If we wanted to have 197 billion dollars stretch over 65 years we could have insured that every child in the world was given basic immuinizations. Realisically, however, we never had a chance at spending this money in any other way. This war is costing american tax payers more than Five billion dollars a month! Our economy is'nt stable enough to support such an astonomical number, Iraq is only the size of California.
Bushco has no idea what to do about the war in Iraq, they only know that its the perfect time to plunder the oil, and the american tax payers money. They tell us whatever they have to in order to keep our interests limited. They dont want too many questions to be asked,while they keep syphining the oil. Bushco must be stopped. They managed to take hold of the 2004 elections by placing a fellow skull and bonesman as their opposition. There was never a shot at kerry being the president, and we should have all known that. As a nation we have lost a lot, and throughout the world we have lost our credibility. Please tell this adminiatration that No One Has To Die TommorroW.