katrinas payoff

In a couple of hours bush will be hitting the networks. I am slightly interested to see this one sided affair. His speech, according to the AP will have no audience, and no one around to disagree with him as usual. Scott mclellan said bushs speech will focus on "the way forward" , and jump-starting the reconstruction. REBUILD RENEW REBUILD SPEND SPEND SPEND! This will be more expensive than Iraq has been over three years, according to congressional officials. hes tossing billions around, into a terrific funnel that empties into his pockets (and pockets of friends). Republicans said "Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff and Mr. Bush's chief political adviser, was in charge of the reconstruction effort." This is like spitting on those "outing a cia covert agent" allegations. This is them doing whatever the hell they want. The contracts and the money are blatently on their way to , Fluor, the shaw group and other republican linked corps. New orleans will become a rebuilt city lacking the heart that made it great, instead it will become a corporate playground. They have sent these displaced people to all kinds of places, very far from home, leaving them with the challenge of returning. Almost impossible to do without any money. Most of these people will never get to return to their homes. They will have been declared unsafe, tore down and rebuilt by the very powers that REFUSED to save them when Katrina came to New Orleans.