keeping john roberts quiet
I have just finished watching the opening statements from the senate and john roberts for his confirmation hearing. This guy has been prepped and re prepped for these hearings that they could hardly be believable. I have very little faith left in the senate to do anything right, but perhaps with their re election votes on the line they may stand up to the task at hand, like true representitives of the people. Unfortunatly republican senators today went over the top in preparing john roberts to keep his mouth shut. ``Some have said that nominees who do not spill their guts about whatever a senator wants to know are hiding something from the American people,'' said sen orrin hatch, R-Utah. ``Some compare a nominee's refusal to violate his judicial oath or abandon judicial ethics to taking the Fifth Amendment.These might be catchy sound bites, but they are patently false.'' and sen john cornyn, a republican from texas said, "Just because we are curious does not mean that our curiosity should be satisfied. You have no obligation to tell us how you will rule on any issues that might come before you if you sit on the Supreme Court." he went on to say "don't take the bait." These types of statements are outrageouse. That is what they make of issues like civil rights, civil liberties, environmental protection, free speech, privacy rights, corporate power abuse, women's rights, workers rights, and many more . This is the bait? this so called bait is his own record biting him in his own ass. not bait, his work, his words, his judgements. who knows what else there is to know because bushco has yet to reveal all of his record. "Because the administration at least so far has chosen not to allow the Senate to have access to his full record, we can only wonder what they don't want us to know," said Kennedy, in his opening statements today. There is no need to rush to fill this very important, very definite seat. The supreme court can operate without a chief justice for now. There is no need to simply appoint this man to the highest court because that's who bush co has hand picked for this spot. Roberts will make decisions that will affect our children and grandchildren. He only has to answer to this committee ONE TIME, he can answer the questions, and the senators urging him to keep his mouth shut are putting us out of their focus.
If you have not already, please
save the court.