The Overnight Metamorphosis of America into Tyranny

There has been so much happening, so quickly, it has been difficult to keep on top of it all. They say shit rolls down hill, so I'll start at the top. Our president and vice president have officially come out, to say that they are above the law. Neither the President nor the Vice President's office are 'entities within the executive branch'. Their approach to these benchmarks have been heard, quietly, and in secret. On May 9, 2007, Bush Signed a Presidential Directive giving him power to Lead all three branches of government in event of ‘Catastrophic Emergency’, and that went almost completely unnoticed by the Main Stream Media. This week we follow up that directive with a letter from the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Waxman, he writes:

"Executive Order 12952, which President Bush has endorsed, directs the national archives to oversee a uniform system for protecting classified information. A key component of the EO directs the Information Security Oversight office withing the national Archives to inspect federal agencies and White House offices to ensure compliance with the security procedures required by the President. Acting under the authority of the Presidents EO the National Archives sought to conduct an on-site inspection of the office of the VP in 2004."

An inspection that Cheney refused to allow. The last time that Cheney allowed one of these inspections was in 2003, this is the first we are hearing about it, June 2007. In fact
Chairman Waxman outlines a disturbing pattern of Cheney's Efforts to Avoid Oversight and Accountability since 2001. A White House spokesperson came out to say that, Bush “gets to decide whether or not [Cheney] should be treated separately, and he’s decided that he should.” Oh, the White House said Bush said it was ok...Ok then.

Keith Olbermann called Dick Cheney "a shadow government unto himself,"
which would be funny if it was a joke, but unfortunately our government is being set up to become a dictatorship. Not exactly new news, but they are announcing their power to us, as we sit staring blankly at the box.

Also this week his famous "signing statements" have found their way to the headlines again. It has been widely publicized throughout his Presidency, how much he loves "signing statements", signing more than 1,100 of them since he took office. One this year when
"Congress directed the Pentagon in its 2007 budget request to account separately for the cost of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan". But Bush issued a signing statement, against releasing the cost separately, so the Pentagon complied with their president, no need for a congress. What was to be hidden there? We may never know, some on the Government Accountability Office are trying to find out...funny how interested they all become as elections grow near, but this will not save the Democrats, way too little way too late.

Further down the hill we roll...
Everyday this week there was a story about people being tased unjustifiably, some with videos, it is so barbaric. Whats worse are some of the reactions that people leave in the "comments" , blaming the victims of police brutality, "you should have just listened to the cop...if you just got down on your knees this never would have happened". The plan to intimidate us, and humiliate us to control us, is working, it appears to be easier to implement that anyone could have foreseen. The use of tasers is sickening, really, it makes my stomach turn. They are lethal when used on people with health conditions, yet the police use them without asking any questions, clearly this is a violation of our rights, but instead of fighting them we fear them, proclaiming our innocence, "I don't break any laws..." Sadly, to be tased you don't have to break any laws.

Another man in the news this week is a pastor from Colorado, he didn't break any laws either, but that didn't stop police from coming into a wedding and tearing his seven year old child from his mothers grip at gun point. This pastor went on the radio to discuss his nightmare, and Child Protective Services punished him further, telling him he should never have gone to the media. Kidnapping, and intimidation, and essentially a prison sentence for a seven year old, somewhere he cant leave surrounded by people he does not know. What has happened to us America?

Breaking apart our Country, Breaking down our government, and our communities but the most shameful of all they are dismantling our families, attempting to destroy our unity. They are trying to do it in the cover of darkness, They Will Not Succeed.