Instead of Showing Ed and Elaine Brown The Law, The IRS Would Rather See Them Dead.

On Thursday U.S. Marshals surrounded the home of Ed and Elaine Brown, a New Hampshire couple who were convicted of Tax Evasion in January. U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier, spoke to the press after hours of speculation, saying they had no plan of a raid, they just needed to "know where his supporters were." However, neighbors had reported heavily armed police and at least one armored vehicle near the Browns home, and roads surrounding the property had been closed off, (that's a lot of "space" and weaponry for mere surveillance). The Marshals did complete their supposed objective when they had an unexpected encounter with "supporter" Danny Riley, a friend of the Browns, who happened to be walking the dog. If it were not for him, the Browns say, they would be dead. Riley said that he was walking the dog when he was surrounded by men in gilley suits,(see photo) he then claims they shot at him and tased him,(Monier admits to taseing Riley).

The Browns say are willing to pay whatever they are bound by law to pay, they ask only that they are shown the law.
In fact, they have offered $1,000,000 in commercial property if anyone could "Show Ed the Law". Instead The Law came on Thursday, claiming this million dollar property as their own, not exactly what Ed had in mind. The Browns have been inside their home for the past few months, they say they will stay in their home, and will fight to the death if they have to. Was this "peaceful surveillance" a botched attempt to go in after the Browns? We just don't know the truth.

In 1994 The couple began writing the IRS asking to see the Law that obligates them to pay a Federal Income tax, and for two years they received no answers. In 1996 they informed the IRS that they would no longer be paying their taxes. They are willing to die, and the government would rather kill them then show them the law. Why don't they just show everyone the law, end this peacefully and let Ed and Elaine Brown pay what they owe?

"Live Free or Die"