The Truth Movement, "don't rock no Kamoflage"

Kamoflage, by NutekK Labs, featuring The Specialist, is now on iTunes. The song was recently featured on our CNBC Drenched In Illuminati Symbolism video. Kamoflage, is a reference to the cowardice the New World Order employs, as they attempt to destroy us, while Truth needs no Kamoflage, operating in the light. Nothing to Hide.

"I don't rock no kamoflage"

The duo has been making subversive tracks since 1998, topping international charts alongside Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliot. NutekK Labs has said, all funds from this track will go to continue the fight against the New World Order, with "truth actions" planned for the summer, "when our fight goes viral".

Support the fight against the New World Order.

Download this track at iTunes.

NutekK Labs featuring The Specialist - Kamoflage (Boxcutter and Tape Edit) - Single

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