back to the basics
I would like to bring the focus back to where I began no one has to die tomorrow.

Here we are in a new year, and after all those ridiculous speeches from Dick and Bush they still have no plan of ever leaving Iraq. They sound off about progress in Iraq, yet all signs are screaming FAILURE. They want to paint the anti war movement as a dishonor to the troops, while they suggest we honor those American soldiers that have died in Iraq, by killing more. It is just backwards, millions of people around the world were against this war, and in this country we couldn't get our leaders to stop. The number of American soldiers who died was important at one point, right around the 2000 mark, but now at 2222 dead soldiers,we barely here more than the headline three or five killed here and there. The Iraqi civilian casualties don't wear on any ones conscience, as if we are so detached, human life is human life, Iraqi or American. Our war has killed tens of thousands of children, women, and men. Our war has brought new threats and more violence to the people of Iraq. Our war has caused a new generation of hate towards America. Our war has caused conflict for all nations. Do you remember where you were when we shared in the "shock and awe" on our preffered news channel? That night was just the first day of the Bushco destruction, sponsored by you and me.
The Mainstream media has cornered you. Do you beleive that what you hear on the news is the full story, or the most important things you need to know, but realistically if its good for you to know, but bad for them if you do, are they really going to tell us about it? Of course not. Every time we see Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper on location or Sean Hannity on a horse in Mexico, you can bet there is something going on that you would be better off knowing and they would be better keeping you from knowing. These reporters are paid to gain our trust, they go only so far to bring us the "whole story". Everyday we hear about two stories of the day or week, whether its the miner story, or the Iraqi baby we saved, we are a country at war, and this is what media finds urgency in.
It is incredibly insulting.

Our election process has been comprimised, campaign contributions, paperless votes, and recounts, voting is a privlage that we are not given fairly. If your participation came and went with you voting for Kerry in 2004 you helped no one, or anything, anywhere. It is going to take more than voting in the presidential election to bring change, you were a mere participant in the two party system, a system that has failed us in recent years, 2004 was the election year to have your voices heard, to vote outside their system, instead you coddled Kerry's ego and ended up with a loser.

This administration brings wonderment to my eyes, they have overwhelming support from the very people they are crushing, the poor, the uninsured, college students, single parents. Bushco has taken rights away from all these groups and yet he finds their support, we are a misinformed preoccupied nation of complaisant people waiting for someone else to patch us together. The government has Americans wrapped up in making money, BIG cars, BIG house, BIG fat everything, with our ideals, our morals and our self worth shrinking because if we aren't achieving the BIG American lifestyle than we aren't as good as other Americans. Envy, and greed this is the leadership we have to turn to and the cost is our future, more importantly, our children's future. Our leader puts himself above the law of the land, he needs no approval before eavesdropping on us, so where exactly do our freedoms lie? And where is the future of America going? When the George W. Bush told us to go shopping after the twin towers fell and the pentagon was blown up, none of us looked back, because that place was a scary place, terrorists, dirty bombs, and duct tape, they scared us, feared us into their plot and that's when they had gained enough leverage to control us. America, the time has come to stop shopping! Let go of your two car household, walk away from the day care center, put down the plastic, step away from the big mac and become the true dream, it is sacrifice and your family is worth it.
Money is the root of all evil, and the American dream cannot be based on it, but the neo conservative movement is.

Two thousand two hundred and twenty two sodiers have now died in Iraq.