the fall guy

ONE indictment.
I. Lewis Libby (aka "scooter") has been indicted today, five counts: 1 count obstruction of justice, 2 counts of perjury and 2 counts of making false statements.

I have also heard reports that he has resigned. He is just the fall guy. Today on all the news shows this has been rehashed over and over again. The real point, which has been lost entirely just about everywhere, is the war was sold to us with the lies that Joe Wilson uncovered. This vidictive white house administration, then came into the Wilson household, outing his wife, Valerie Plame, disreguarding the covert status of this CIA agent. It is ashame that the spotlight goes unshared, and we cannot extend the coverage to the lies that Bush himself told everyone. The white house has let the Libby take the fall, he is the lesser known of the key leak players, he is Cheney's guy. Rove is still "under investigation" somehow, but to indict Rove would have hit too close to W. Most people never heard of Libby, and besides, worse case scenerio for Libby, is a pardon from the president. Hes a memeber of PNAC for gods sake and so the Lies of Bushco continue.
Libby is not the only one, so how special a prosecutor is fitzgerald? Not sure.

at 2 pm fitzgerald will speak to the press, and at 3 pm joe wilson and valerie plame's lawyer will speak.