if no one reports it, did it even happen?

when will anyone acknowledge the anti war movement? I cant understand why an event so huge, in the nations capital, wouldn't get, so much as a sentence on the news saturday. Cspan estimates 500000 people marched in DC on Saturday, protesting the war in iraq. not a word was spoken about this (half a million people anti war march), on the news. not a peep! Bush rushed into austin early this afternoon, while the protesting in washington began. signs read, "bush lied, thousands died", and "impeach bush", but bushco was off to rescue the hurricane ravaged refineries. No matter, we know the standard form letter answer, "we fight them there to avoid fighting them here", but really, since 911 what has happened here? what and who are we fighting? 911 is a day, that four years later, we have more questions about, and not enough answers to base more wars upon. This administration has been dishonest with us. Dragged our troops into harms way for no reason, a preemptive attack, that had no exit strategy. The only thing the iraq war is accomplishing besides making bushco more wealthy, is making young iraqi's, and muslims hate us.

This morning at five am thousands of people went to amtrak stations along the east coast, including penn station,to get on an amtrak train to washington dc to march with those 500000 other people to stop the iraq war, but they got beat. amtrak let them sit and wait they missed the protest. 13 Amtrak commuter trains either were delayed or canceled because of an electrical outage. that is truly amazing.
while cindy sheehan tells the crowds of people that "We are here ... to show our government, to show our media, to show America that we mean business, and we're not going home until every last one of our troops is home," the media couldnt even hear her, because everyone was in texas. This can lead me to only one conclusion, that the media is owned by the government, and no one cares about the people.

They didnt have a single sentence to report.