On wed the senate judiciary committee held a hearing to find out about the atta issue, and the destruction of ABLE DANGER documents.
In 1999 ABLE DANGER was created by the united states army to id people with ties to terrorists, then sometime around jan 01 a HUGE amount of this information was destroyed by the army. In 2000 there was a chart complete with 60 names thought to be linked to al qaida, some had photos, one of which was atta, none of this information made it into the 911 commission, even though the members of the commission were told by shaffer three seperate times. The chart had one definate copy floating around rep. curt weldon had a copy, he passed it along to the hands of the national security adviser steven hadley. where the hell is hadley? He has not stepped up, and the white house is ignoring this issue.
At the senate judiciary committee yesterday we heard from mark zaid, instead of his client, lt. col. anthoney shaffer because shaffer and four other key witnesses, were not aloud to testify, the PENTAGON ordered them not to. We also heard from some guy the pentagon threw up there to testify who admittedly knew very little about ABLE DANGER. There was also testimony from the man who destroyed the ABLE DANGER documents, because he was "following procedure". He testified that he destroyed both classified and unclassified information.
The people we needed to hear from were stopped by RUMMY.
The commitee chairman, sen arlen specter is upset with the DOD questioning their motives of this obstruction, "I think the Department of Defense owes the American people an explanation of what went on here".
This is a mess. the 911 report is useless, they chose what to print and what to exclude, they chose what information we should be basing conclusions upon, they chose to hide information about the biggest terrorist attack on american soil. That ABLE DANGER's findings were not included is just one more reason to question this administration full of liars.
everyone should be outraged at the amount of issues going on throughout this country, and how many lies this administration has surrounding them all. Its time for bushco to go!