Global Dominance Part II : dismantle freedom

Are the Neocons looking to lock up illegals, or are they just very patient in their planning of global dominance, and setting up the rules that will be easy to invoke when the time comes?

From the very beginning of the Bush administration the rights of American citizens have been slowly stripped. We are in the fifth year, and we allow them still, to decimate our constitution. They have violated our voting rights, our property rights, they have invaded our privacy, imprisoned American citizens without charges, they listen in on our personal phone conversations, and they can take our homes for any reason they like. We have made it acceptable for congress to ignore these injustices, therefore WE have allowed them all the right to do as they please.
The United States of America has "detention centers" they have been maintaining, capable of holding hundreds of thousands or people but currently hold none. There have been a few instances in our countries history where they have been put to use,the Civil War, was one of them and WWII another, when Roosevelt locked up Japanese-Americans.

There are reports of over 600 of these facilities throughout our country ready to "house" people and put them to work "under government supervision" (citizen of the U.S. or not). Oliver North had all the plans ready with Rex-84, or Readiness Exercise 1984, a plan to control any major civil disobedience in America.

Rex-84 was a program for the NSA under Reagan's presidency,it was headed by Oliver North, and partnered with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The goal to prepare America for a national crisis, also meant taking the power away from the people, FEMA and the president would take complete control of the country. At the time it seems they were most worried about the influx of illegal "aliens", kind of like what is happening with immigration today.

If FEMA were to be put in control, the president would be allowed to suspend the Constitution of the United States, without any plan of reinstating it. MARTIAL LAW. As simple as that. POOF! your rights totally stripped.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency by its own definition of powers, and with the help of our complacent population, is a "shadow government", and is currently in place. With FEMA in control the presidents signature is all that is needed for them to take away any and all of our rights.

The controversy of these detention camps goes even deeper
In January Haliburton's subsidiary, Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR) was awarded ANOTHER U.S. contract. This time they'll be getting 385M$ to make some more, and maintain our current, unoccupied fully staffed "emergency" detention centers, or whatever the US government decides to call them when they start locking people inside them.

My first question to Bushco: WHY HALIBURTON? Its always Haliburton. The Haliburton contract is being financed by American taxpayers. Without regard for the outrage we have had over Haliburton's deceitfulness and thievery, Bush and company continually reward them with more contracts. Perhaps, they have been awarded this contract because they have not stolen enough of American tax payers money. According to a KBR spokesperson, the official story is that Bushco gave them these contracts to maintain these "camps" in case "of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S," or "to house people in the event of a natural disaster " or "for new programs that require additional detention space" . That's what America need s more people locked up. We already have 22% of the global population incarcerated in America. KBR and Bushco give Vague reasons.

Currently, Bushco has the idea to build a wall across the entire southernmost
border of our country to keep illegal immigrants from Mexico away. They are telling people to stockpile canned goods in the event of a bird flu pandemic. There is a war with another middle eastern country looming, a country that has US troops postioned on eithor border, and every day the MSM brings us Breaking News Alert about some weather related "natural disaster".
Bushco could pick any reason use Martial Law.

Our National Debt is Currently $8,380,662,778,396.36
American money is disappearing from our governments possession, while our debt limit has been raised for the fourth time in five years to 9 trillion dollars. It is most disturbing, knowing Haliburton is out there building a prison for someone who may be held without any charges, for an indefinite amount of time. There are so many issues that are circulating these days that its hard to pin down one type of person they will lock inside these detention camps.

Although these camps have been around longer than this administration, and Bush is just a small part of the NeoConservative movement, they still must be watched more closely. They are too secretive, and they have plowed their way through our laws, and continue to use every legal maneuver to push their agenda forward. They are mere profiteers. They lust after money, and power, they are not "compassionate Christians", they are plundering our nation.