be outraged

There are only a few hours left before the markets open and since it took a beating on Friday all eyes will be watching. The Dow was down 213 points when the bell rang, an observer pointed out, " the bell is two minutes early ", and indeed it was.

This drop was the biggest in about three years, just one week prior, on Friday the 13th, the Dow hit 11,000. It was like New Years eve on CNBC. As I watched it hit, and close just about at "the mark", I knew it couldn't last, this was impossible. It was as if they hadn't been watching the numbers at Christmas time. The low and high end retailers had been holding up ok, but no middle retail market. That consumer actually shopping at Target, but the media will have you believing that they were all upgrade to shopping at Saks. Of course there was the on again off again housing markets, "bubbles bursting" turned to "deflating frothy markets", either way, no more boom.

Our president , however feels quite different, he and his crew have been out "chattin' with the folks" about how good the economy is. You have to wonder then, why so much intense selling on Friday George? While Bush is out there chatting, our credit card minimums have been raised, and new bankruptcy laws have been implemented. Bush keeps saying its great and he knows this because, "the American people are working". The American people are finding jobs for min wage at walmart our nations biggest employer. He insists that everything is fine, but he recognizing America as a society that switches jobs often, these are what the Bush administration would call, "created jobs".

On Friday as the Dow was getting further into negative territory, Bush sent out 20 of his loyalists to get on the radio, and get the word out on the booming, economic growth. Treasury Secretary John Snow was one of the Bushco officials to report,"We are in something of a sweet spot for the American economy right now". Really, because last month he was urging congress to extend the debt limit. Snow said that the US wont be able to continue to finance government operations unless congress extends the debt limit, which we are expected to reach next month, 8.18 trillion dollars (Sweet spot?).

How much further in debt will we allow this government to drag us into? This president has allowed our nation to borrow $1.05 trillion from foreign governments and financial institutions. It is difficult to grasp the insanity of that number considering our accumulated debt (to such governments and institutions) for the first 224 years of and 42 presidents prior to W. was $40 billion less, he has outdone all his predecessors combined. He is a spend-a-holic (not surprising though considering). This debt limit has been reached and extended in late 2004 and 2002, and 2003, so maybe instead of raising the debt ceiling, bushco spending needs to be curbed, why wouldn't he raise it, if he is aloud he'll raise it as often as he can until 2008. Sounds like a real sweet spot, maybe that's the same spot that the main stream media has been hiding this entire story.