useless speeches and more tax cuts for the rich
This week we have heard more of the same from our president. The rhetoric from this PNAC president is deafening. The most harmful problem of this war on terrorism is why we are there, almost everyone can recognize it as a mistake, a plan that had very little thought, allies that were questionable, and yet Bushco cannot acknowledge these mistakes.

Over the past few weeks the approval ratings have turned sharply against this administration, for this, they are retaliating by bombarding us with speech after speech. One of the speeches this week was titled "The victory in Iraq", this speech was completely insulting, telling us nothing about being victorious, the only new plan I could grab from Bush's bag of crap was, "pulling out is not a plan for victory", no leadership from the commander, instead he plays "tit for tat" with his critics. It should be mentioned that ten marines were killed twenty four hours prior to his speech, and yet he mentioned nothing about their deaths in his victory speech.

There was another speech on how our economic outlook is "bright". This was a wonder to me, he stood in North Carolina, a state that lost almost 200,000 jobs under his rule, saying "the economy is strong, business is booming and the people of this country are working". The middle class continues to vanish and most people are becoming more broke, credit card debts are devastating and bankruptcy laws just got tougher, and while health care is something most of us cant even pretend to have options for, this administration is out there selling us a 233 billion dollar war, that isnt working. Today we learned that there will be a request for another 100 billion dollars for this war next year, but requested or not, the money is going to Iraq, and not to the Americans in need of it. A 233 billion dollar war and hes grinning ear to ear about a "soccer stadium, complete with lights and new sod" in Najaf. Pimping this as progress.
Tell me what kind of a super power are we supposed to be, America is in the middle east invading and occupying, killing and being killed while Americans in the homeland are sick and uneducated, poor and starving, Almost a quarter of a Trillion dollars we have spent so far, and every second we hemorrhage even more into this war that will never end. They have offered No exit strategy but simple easy to follow catch phrases, like , "war is a time for sacrifice", and the only way to honor these "sacrifices" is to " keep fighting, and complete the mission". He offers a time frame for completion with the unattainable, "when the mission of defeating terrorism is done the troops will return". It is a war on terrorism, and we will never eradicate terrorists, there is no end in sight and they are not concerned.

The way this world has been abused and the people of it swindled and duped, hate is breeding, stupidity has become contagious, and the outlook of a bright future of any kind is difficult to imagine. Our children and grandchildren are born into debt, and Bushco proclaims a Bright economic outlook. Today there will be a vote in the house giving the opportunity to extend tax breaks for the rich, and they sell this as a way to spawn economic growth in America, my guess is it will pass without any trouble. It just did in fact.