1906 vs. 2005

In April 1906 San Francisco expirienced the "Great Earthquake" only to be followed by the "Seventh Greatest Fire", a fire that burned the city for four days. The quake was felt about 375,000 square miles, half of which was in the Pacific Ocean. Approximately 275,000 people were left without homes,in San Francisco while the population was only 400,000. The death toll was 3,000. Total devistation of the city, but not its people.

In August 2005 New Orleans expirienced Hurricane Katrina, followed by three levee breaches, and massive flooding. This hurricane spanned over three states and several cities, with about a million people affected by it. New Orleans being the only city hit by both. The death toll has yet be confirmed but estimates range from 10 to 40 thousand people. This number is extemely high compared to 1906. Of course in 1906 those people were not left to die by their government. The death toll in the 2005 disaster while this goverment lets the people die of malnutrition, dehydration, and disease.

Could it be that in 1906 we had a better system in place to deal with disaters? In a post 9 1 1 world? That is almost a hundred years, and America has fallen way behind itself. There was no FEMA in 1906, just some god damb commen sense. Luckily, we now have FEMA. After September 11 2001 FEMA became a part of homeland security. The head of FEMA then hired his former college room mate, Michael Brown to take his place. Michael brown was in the process of resigning from being a lawyer for the International arabian horse association, after an onslaught of lawsuits over disciplinary actions. Perfect timing! In Jan 2005 Michael Brown was caught "overpaying" $12 million to miami. Now with the Hurricane Katrina disaster knocking at his door he chooses to blame on the people who chose not to leave their homes. This was who New Orleans had to rely on.

FEMA has the purpose of coordinating the work of federal, state, and local agencies in responding to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. It is obvious who to blame, and yes now is the time to point fingers and blame, because tomorrow no one will be held responsible, that is the best way for bush co to get out of trouble, its scott mclellan's favorite saying " now is not the time for pointing fingers..."

It was utter devastation to San Francisco. After the an hour the first army troops from Fort Mason reported at the Hall of Justice. After just several hours they decide to shoot looters, the govener arrived, they managed to evacuate the city, bring ships in to house people, set up medical facilities, and transfer prisoners to alcatraz. Tents were being set up and more of everything was on the way, all within twenty four hours! Theses are the people San Francisco had to rely on.

Its 2005, if people need help, and they are dying, you just get them help, thats all. I put full responsibility on our president, thats where the chain of command ends, and all this devistation is on his doorstep. It is time to point fingers, it is time to place the blame, he has failed the people of New orleans, he has failed to do his job, he was playing a friggen guitar while these people were losing everything. My confidence is lost. You would think this was a no brainer, americans in trouble, help them.

Imagine in 1906 having a better shot at surviving a disaster of this magnitude than in 2005.