they lie and we let them
can you imagine what kind of a person could call themselves " pro-war" ?
who the hell is pro war? that's just crazy, do they want war? I thought they were working towards bringing democracy.
"PRO WAR!" nuts!
well now these pro war, groups are surfacing. they are "anti Cindy sheehan". This is just nuts, the media has managed to smear Cindy Sheehan enough, to make her their enemy. i don't even know where to begin, I mean this woman is speaking for herself, and those who cannot speak for themselves, and anyone else that feels the same way, whoever and however many, that's all. "you don't speak for me Cindy" ], do you have to name your PRO WAR group after her? its more than Cindy sheehan, this is important, more important that staying in Iraq for our PRIDE. If there is one thing that i know, its that pride is not a good thing. The reasons for going have been found to be LIES, can we just start here? Lies. That's where the news should be, forcing our president to tell the truth. Every day the same questions, this is serious, george bush should be answering these questions. everything too, Karl rove questions, 911 questions, Iraq war questions, Oil questions, voting machine questiions, why should his trained handlers have to answer our questions? I don't want to know about his response to why we shouldn't leave now, i want to know about all the lying he was doing to me and you before we were there. I want to know why it is OK for my money to be been sent over to Iraq to make it to haliburtons bank account? seriously who's asking any questions?
cable news networks are destroying our freedom! Joe Scarborough made it clear last night in Scarborough country that you better not compare this war to Vietnam. why is that joe? you know why? because that is just what we should be doing. That's why joe wants to do some preemptive action of his own. Because he knows that this is the direction Americans will be going soon, and thats not going to help support this war. I think that if there was nothing truly to compare we would be shown why they are so different. They have branded a woman upset about her son dying in an unjust war a "pawn of the left wing" it is so sad. these people will plow through anybody, even you. thats why now more then ever we need to stand up and call for the president to stop the lies and this war beacause no one has to die tomorroW.