Will Cindy Sheehan's flame be extinguished?

On Anderson Coopers 360 page he asks " Is anyone listening?" . This is how the media is able to make no one care, they start to tell everyone that "you are bored", they hypnotize people with "the box". Its ironic that they pose these questions now, today NYT is reporting that there were over 1500 vigils held across the country last night. About 400 people gathered in front of the white house. I have yet to hear anything about that on any cable news channel, at best we get a sidebar, with the same three sentances about Cindy Sheehan that we have been hearing for over a week. Who wouldnt say "enough already". They are failing to report on why so many people have joined this protest, she represents so much to a so many. The crawford story needs expansion on the news to reach people who are on the fence, and the people who feel like they cant do anything to help. The white house may have been caught off guard by this protest, but clearly their allies on fox msnbc and cnn got the memo. If we can have 70 plus days, live in Aruba about a case not progressing they can make it to at least the end of september if they wanted to. But they dont. They are weaning the public off the cindy sheehan story that cant happen.