I have been wondering this month why is cindy sheehan being aloud to grab headlines. She lends just enough controversy to grab Everyone's attention. Any "left wing" person would be sure to be hooked on her story, anyone leaning "right" would surely condem her. The media has given her just enough attention throughout the beginning of august to make ABLE DANGER vanish from the headlines. (not to mention the rove plame issue) she has worked out just fine. Now the vacation is over, and we have the worst natural disaster on our soil to keep our attention away from the one event that has changed our lives. September eleventh.
ABLE DANGER was a Pentagon intelligence operation, an 18-month highly classified operation. “Developing targeting information for al-Qaida on a global scale”, as described by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, the first member of ABLE DANGER to speak publicly about his role with the operation. ABLE DANGER had been monitoring mohammed atta for two years prior to 911. Shaffer notified the FBI in 2000 a year prior to 911, and urged them to arrest Atta, the Pentagon’s lawyers intervened and protected Atta for reasons that remain unclear. This information, although disclosed to kean and hamilton, the chair and vice chair of the 911 commission, was somehow left out of the report. Now, if the 911 commission's purpose was to collect and connect all information on the attacks, why wasn't ABLE DANGER's atta information included? This leaves the question, "did anyone in the pentagon know in advance what atta had planned for 911?" That is the billion dollar question. Let yourself brainstorm a few things, why, if they knew, would the pentagon choose to ignore?
So, the event that has changed our lives, without it the government would never had been able to put us in line with its patriotic rhetoric, the invading Iraq, going to war for preventing war, they could never have the war on terrorism and the war on our rights, as americans, the patriot act would never be able to exist. so why would they want to stop it? check out pnac. When the towers came down, they saw their chance, to create that which is america today.