impeachment: coming soon
Lets not forget valerie plame, and joe wilson. The bush administration has successfully moved this story VERY far from the spotlight, the attention is almost non existent at this point. This could very well be the way to get rid of george W. and cheney, after two years the investigation will become more clear to everyone, if the media decides its worth reporting, this fall, when Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is going to reveal indictments in the plame leak. Its blatant that Karl Rove is the leak but not proven. Bush, cheney, rice, and other bush co players could be indicted as well, I mean why isnt this on the news everyday? We deserve answers the media is telling us nothing! Our president has shown where he stands, after days of scott mcclellan refusing to answer any questions about the "ongoing investigation", bush struts on the white house lawn with Karl rove beside him. His loyalties remain with rove, not with the truth, but with the liar. Which makes sense and is at least consistent. A proven lie, commen knowledge to most people, they have lied about Iraq trying to buy uranium in Niger. A reason for war in Iraq! This president sold this lie to us on tv, knowing full well it was a lie. A lie that joe wilson proved to be a lie a year earlier. Just days after revealing this information to "meet the press" wilsons, covert cia agent wife, was "outed". What message does that convey to you? Then cue the media to shrug her off as some kind of a Secretary at a desk. she was a covert agent! It has all played so nicely too, a month away from this with cindy sheehan in crawford, hoping to make this just go away. They have played this story almost perfectly, never really reporting on sheehans message or the peace movement, but on the fact that she is there and crazy, and the neighbors are crazy too, and al sharpton getting a speeding ticket, and all those " pro war" protesters and so many other things, but still the president has not had to tell anyone a damn thing. He went fishing and biking and we heard about all of that but no answers or explanations for all these lies. This story needs to be on the minds of everyone. So many people are clueless to the fact that this is going on, this is how they want it.