Drilling through the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Afterall we need our safe dependable, OBESE cars and trucks to get us to our jobs everyday. Right this very minute I am watching Cspan 2 as they are reading the votes on the "Cantwell Amendement". This amendement Prohibits leasing of oil and gas rights in Costal Plain area of Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Why call it a refuge? 44 years ago when this land was designated a refuge, that was defined as a shelter or protection from danger or distress. today that definition fell flat. This land seems to be designated to made untouchable, or to safely hoard it for future drilling.
It is impulsive to think that this is a solution.

The oil to be syphoned from the earth is hardly worth this violation of the ecosystem, and the death of the wildlife that was supposed to be protected. How much time does this buy us to wean ourselves from this black death? Now was the time to change, but unfortunatly, there has been a 48 to 51 vote not in favor of preserving this land.
We know that the automotive and oil industries control so much of our lives, it may hurt to think about it, but it goes right to our driveways with this urban sprawl. How many hours of your life, do you spend in traffic, sucking on the fumes of your fellow motorists tailpipe? Do you realize that these fumes are unavoidable in bumper to bumper traffic, and they do in fact cause cancer? There is a reason why SUV's are not available in other countries, and they pay a lot more for gas in europe, they know there is no future for oil. The time and money that we have aloud this government to put into drilling through a refuge, should have been put to better use. This is like putting a band aid on a broken arm.

They have us in a tight spot, and that is why they will drill. This administration has helped acheive record sales in the oil industry for the third quarter of this year. 30 billion dollars for the oil industry in PROFITS alone. Creating a record for a single company, 10 billion dollars profit for Exxon/Mobil alone. This government has aloud these companies to gouge us at the pumps while chanting "Hurricanes in the gulf, limited supplies, blah blah" then how on earth have they profitted? GOUGING, that is precisly how, and our government embraces them, afterall this white house has more loyalties to them then to us.

At peak production in 2025, this oil that we will obtain by destroying what was once protected, will not ease your price at the pump, it may save you one cent per gallon, ten to fifteen years from now.

A better solution would be to charge 2x's what they are currently charging at the pump, it would stop people from driving aimlessly, buying hummers (and other "Stupid Unnecessary Vehicles") it may get people to walk more, or ride a bike, or even better, just to stay the hell off the road, most people are really horrible drivers anyway. but that wont help the rich get richer, so for now, we live by their rules.