ahmed chalabi
Ahmed Chalabi and the United States have a long history together. Chalabi was born in Iraq and lived there until 1956 when he and his family left. He grew up in Britain, and studied here in the US, but he yearned to go back to Iraq to claim what had been his families land, and to get rid of the man he blamed for the fall of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Ahmed Chalabi has played a part in almost all of the big stories coming out of the Iraq war. Chalabi is currently the Interim Minister for oil and Deputy Prime Minister in Iraq. He was the head of the INC, the Iraqi National Congress, a group started in 1992, whose purpose it was too overthrow Saddam Hussein. In 1998 the US gave 97 million dollars to support Iraqi opposition groups, most of the money was funneled through the INC, hence through Chalabi.
In early 2004 we could spot Ahmed Chalabi sitting behind Laura Bush at the State of the Union Address. President Bush has said that his coversations with Chalabi were brief, and he remained vague on content, but it was clear chalabi was doing quite a bit of talking with everyone from Bushco to the main stream media. In fact until recently, the pentagon had been paying chalabi 330.000 dollars a month for intelligence information. Chalabi was Colin Powell's source for the BAD information he used to try to convince the UN to support the war in Iraq. The INC was a major source for, Judith miller and her quest to convince the american public that the Iraq WMD threats were real, and credible. She and our President were convincing us with information from a source whose ultimate goal was to be the future president of Iraq. It was so easy to swindle us. Within days of 911 there were meetings with Chalabi to discuss a strategy for invading Iraq. Chalabi was in charge of gathering the right information for this invasion, and he did. He was also behind the falsehood that the Iraqis would be showering US soldiers with flowers, and praise. Before the war Chalabi had been trying to please the americans to push foward with his own agenda, and it had worked he found himself a place in the Iraqi government, until charges began to surface that chalabi and US oil companies were plundering the Iraqi oil fields. When this became public, the relationship started to take a nosedive. In 2004 the US and Iraq armies raided his home, and computers, and also the offices of the INC, the organization we had finaced and a man our government used for the invasion of Iraq, it seemed Chalabi and bushco were just using each other to benefit themselves.
So here we are, in the midst of a war we cant seem to get away from, brought on by bad intellegence, a Grand Jury gathered to seek justice for a woman whose career was demolished, while Judith Miller, who is a Bushco pawn, acts as though shes the victim. We have been lied to and deceived by the people who are chosen to represent us. Bushco has put its own interests before the interests of this country. Aligning themselves with anyone who is willing to tell them what they need to hear to produce results for their bottom line. Before September eleventh had ever occurred this was the plan for Iraq. The collapse of the World Trade Center only quickened the pace. We have broken the 200 billion dollar mark in iraq, there have been close to fifteen thousand of our troops severely wounded, over twenty six thousand iraqi civilians dead, and former CIA covert agent, Valerie Plame is a household name, this is all because of the lack of respect this administration has for americans, Americans who are or have put their lives in harms way for this government. This war is in all of our names, whether you like it or not, the rest of the world watches, as we fumble.