step away from the freedom fry
We rely on the F.D.A. to tell us what is safe and clean, to eat and drink,their standards are questionable. Earlier this week the nyt reported on french fries. Apparently fries, and potato chips, (baked or fried) "are loaded with a chemical called acrylamide, which has been known to cause cancer in lab rats". It turns out in 2002 the world health organization, (WHO) called an emergency panel to look into the potential health risks of acrylamide, the chemical may be created when you heat starchy foods at high temperatures (it is also used in the manufacturing of plastics!).
Despite the years of research, and the reviews going on into one of the most popular foods in america, most of us had never heard of acrylamide before. Some in California, have waited long enough and are trying to get fries and chips labeled with a warning stating they contain a chemical that causes cancer (acrylamide). While some, are fighting for the label warning, others fight to keep the warnings off the chips, the biggest being the Food and drug administration. The F.D.A. does not want to make a decision on labeling until they complete their own review, which has been waiting for a completion since 2002, and wont be complete until 2007
. In california they may not have to wait, the attorney general has already filed lawsuits with mcdonalds, burger king, frito lay and six more companies. These companies and the rest of the fast food industry must be frightened at the prospect of everyone knowing what they already know, that their food is shit, and it causes cancer.