UPDATE : BBC and CNN Prove 911 Was An Inside Job; The Suppression Continues

With so much suspicion surrounding building number 7, it is painful to see such complacency among the masses. Everyone allows "news" to have merit only when its read from Anderson Cooper's script, this is so backwards. Although I can not know for sure, I do believe that enough people emailed this latest WTC 7 story to the MSM news outlets. If you know about it, don't you think they do? I wonder why they haven't approached it. hmmmm.

Some have tried to say that there is no proof that its building number seven, now that has been proven. Others have tried to say that Jane Standley (BBC) is in front of a "blue screen" but a time stamp has proven that THEORY wrong. Now just days after the Breaking BBC WTC 7 news earlier this week, Aaron Brown's live CNN coverage from 911 reveals another premature report on the collapse. Looks like Jane was'nt the only one with inside information.

Still no Main Stream Media outlet has picked up this story. As if our questions are ridiculous, as if they don't really care about September eleventh, the MSM has REFUSED to report on the mystery regarding World Trade Center building no. 7. And now they are refusing to answer the questions about information that just came out a couple of days ago that we have never heard about before!

At 5.20 pm on 911 WTC 7 fell to the ground in its own footprint in UNDER ten seconds. No other steel framed high rise building has fallen from fire, before or since 911. Also, as pointed out in Prof. Steven Jones paper titled 'Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?', many buildings have fallen faster than gravity, practically straight down, and they were due to "controlled demolitions".

Where did Aaron Brown and Jane Standley get reports that the building was going to collapse? (See, unanswered questions lead to more questions,) Whether or not they are willing to tell us the truth about why they reported the collapse so early, they should report something! September eleventh, as we all know, changed America, they are failing the global community by ignoring and censoring the facts.

no one has to die tomorroW contacted the BBC's Jane Standley on Monday, we still have had no response. Perhaps Aaron Brown has something to say, after all these two reporters had insider information regarding 911.
The Anna Nicole story has gone on long enough.