Air Traffic Controller Calls 911 an Inside Job

The 9/11 Truth Movement has been steadily gaining ground. On December 3rd David Lynch was interviewed on Dutch TV and questioned the "official" 911 story. His questions come from watching Loose Change, a place where many people have begun their quest for truth. Hopefully, Lynch will be the kind of person that will continue to look into the facts and see the larger picture. Unfortunatly, that may not help, as he said in the interview, "its just too big for people to think about". I think he is right, but "people" need to get over it, before we are paying for our groceries with the AMERO.

Also last week James Brolin came out on "The View" of all places, he dropped the name of one of the hundreds of 911 truth sites, he named 911weknow, before he was off the set, I wonder if he'll be invited back?

Yesterday the news got bigger than Brolin or Lynch when a former Boston air traffic controller came out calling 911 an inside job, the interview was originally posted at,
Pilots For 911 Truth Listen as Robin Hordon details his findings.

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