The Bush Regime's Willful Violation of Allegiance to America

Your North Korean Nuclear threat, brought to you by the Bush Regime and the Neo cons destroying America.

They want war and death, they want control, and that is why they manifested the "axis of evil" . Post 9/11, America has allowed for more global terror. For example, the war in Iraq has not only killed 2.5% of their population, but it has also triggered the next generation of hate. This generation will know only of how America came and obliterated their country, their communities, and their families.
Today Bushco is forcing us blindly into another preemptive war, this time with Iran, a nation that does not have nuclear weapons. It is (nuclear) North Korea that is showing their might, and It is The Bush Regime's front man Rummy, who worked for a company that sold nuclear weapon technology to the mighty North Korea.
This should be Headline news!

The Bush administration contributed enormously to creating a dangerouse, violent, nuclear world. They helped to create the Terror, and now they have been profiting from it since 9/11.

They have Hijacked America, "leading us" into their New World Order.
Stop the Blind Trust.

wake up, or die sleeping.