Alex Jones Talks With Jesse Ventura

"...anytime the government tells you that they are going to protect you be prepared, because your gonna lose your freedom and your rights...Id rather deal with the terrorists than I would the loss of my freedom"--Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura was in San Antonio Texas this week, supporting Kinky Friedman who is running for Governor of Texas. While in Texas he sat down with Alex Jones to talk about Katina, Security, Kennedy, Operation North Woods, Police State, and Gulf of Tonkin. He blames the failure of our elections on both, the Republicans and Democrats, saying they have destroyed the process. He is visibly disgusted with the numb attitude of the American people, citing that "they don't care beyond their own lives".

It is an interesting look into what this country has done to this man, Jesse Ventura, served this country for fourteen years. For four of those years he was the Independent Governor of Minnesota. Here, he looks depressed,once passionate about America, he no longer lives here. Now he lives in Mexico, and has "given up". Alex Jones hands Jesse a few of his documentaries before leaving and questions Jones' intent, as if he doesn't know what it was like to try.

"Don't vote for politics as usual."