"911 and The Neocon Agenda, Facing The Facts"

If you are so sure that our government had nothing to do with September Eleventh, than you have failed to do any research, and you have taken the Main Stream Media (MSM), at their word. The MSM is controlled by five major corporations, it is irresponsible to take them at their word, and you should definitely watch this.

June 2006 the 911 truth movement held a conference in LA. C-span recently televised a panel discussion held during the conference, "American Scholars Symposium". Alex Jones hosted the panel, with , Professor of Physics, Steven Jones who gives a solid report on why the towers had to have been a controlled demolition. Lt. Col. Bob Bownan who had this to say:
"why weren't those planes intercepted? I'm an old interceptor pilot, i know the drill, how long it takes, the rules". Professor James Fetzer who raises the issue of the EPA findings at ground zero, and the impossibility of its findings, and Webster Tarpley who wrote a book I have not read, but says a lot about some things I have not heard much about, fresh.