Breeding More Terror, Breeding More Fear

Israel wants those two soldiers that Hezbollah has taken hostage, and they will give those soldiers back, as long as Israel will release some prisoners. It just isn't believable. No one is right, or wrong in this war. But, just because Israel has been our ally does not mean that we must agree with all of their choices.

It seems pretty clear to me now,
this time Israel has gone over the top in Lebanon. Earlier this week, the Vatican came out to denounce the actions of Israel, calling the attack on Lebanon, an attack on a sovereign and free nation.

"The right of defence on the part of a state does not exempt it from its responsibility to respect international law, particularly regarding the safeguarding of civilian populations,"

I have not read much about this war on many blogs, the people leaving comments, mostly on open threads however, have a lot to say, and their opinion's are STRONG, to say the least, on both sides of this war, (I am guessing that is why most blogs have omitted this from their coverage, too controversial). It has been difficult to sort things out with such slanted coverage from Main Stream Media, and such passionate responses on both "sides". BUT, the Lebanese people are suffering at the hands of the Israeli's, and the Lebanese army isn't fighting them back.

I have seen days of coverage inside Israel, showing children in bomb shelters, and warning sirens blaring, and empty streets, (it has been scary for some* Israeli's). I have been left wondering, what about the Lebanese people? There are two sides in every situation, especially when the situation is war, and so many people are dieing and being displaced, estimates are, that a half a million people throughout Lebanon have been displaced, some from their homes,and many of them from their country.

Today, the eighth day of fighting, I caught a glimpse of an underground parking garage, (that has no doors) that some in Lebanon are using as a bomb shelter. It pails in comparison to the shelters the Israeli's have, to protect them from the incoming Hezbollah rockets. Lebanon looks really bad from the pictures, they have unleashed mass destruction on Lebanon, homes demolished, buildings crumbled, fires burning with no relief and three hundred people are dead, most of them are civilians not involved with Hezbollah. Israel has held little back, succeeding in its threats to send Lebanon "back twenty years", Beirut has been destroyed.

Israel has lost lives as well, 27, at last count, but that will not deter them, in fact, they are pounding ALL of Lebanon, no neighborhood is"safe". It has been reported that the US is giving Israel one weekto take Hezbollah out. How exactly is that done? If Israel decides to use ground troops, how do they identify these Hezbollah fighters? Hezbollah has its headquarters in southern Lebanon, yet Israel opened up this war by demolishing the newly rebuilt Beirut airport, and the tourist driven economy of Lebanon, not just Hezbollah controlled southern Lebanon. If Lebanon wanted this war with Israel, then their army would have been active, instead they are being bombed back into 1985 without retaliation.

This is a war that is out of balance from my perspective, a war that our government is exploiting, at the very least, with each day of our American news reports, comes more reasons for Israel to attack ALL of Lebanon. With each day that passes everyone is losing more. If the US doesn't step up to say enough, it will give these people who feel hopeless already another reason to carry on their hatred of Israel, and America. Perfect conditions for breeding more hatred and more terror. It is almost as if our government is enticing Syria, and Iran, into a bigger conflict.
The only thing these Lebanese people are left with are questions, like where is the rest of the Arab world? A question I think our government has welcomed, we all know how badly Bushco wants Iran, and if they can lure them into this, as sick of an idea that is, Iran will be fair game for their agenda. The question for every member of the global community is, what is the end result?

It is time to say enough.
For the first time in a long while I am in agreement with the Vatican, because,

no one has to die tomorroW.