Baghdad ER

Last night I watched the documentary, "Baghdad ER" and I cannot believe that no one is talking about it. Originally it aired Sunday night at eight o'clock on HBO, a decent time slot, right before the Sopranos.
I used the DVR to catch it, and late last night I watched, as American soldiers were brought into the ER one after the next with life changing injuries, mostly from improvised explosive device's or IED's. They filmed over a two month period, in a hospital they describe as the " Army's premier medical facility", in Iraq. It's a deceitful description to an American here at home, one that is quickly erased, as an ER doctor describes Iraq as "too dirty" to perform surgery, unless its life threatening. They follow that with graphic surgeries in this ER, mostly of amputations, and other shrapnel wounds. It also leaves the question, if our Army is occupying what was once Saddam's "elite medical center" than where are all the Iraqis being treated, and operated on.

These men and women, both Iraqi and American, are being thrust into combat zones, and we are at home bitching over gas prices. Iraqis pay five cents a gallon for gas, cheap gas, you just have to cross a battle field to get it. This war should be holding our entire focus, we have to take responsibility, I see no accountability from either side of the aisle. I do see a lot of Immigration talk. Lets make a deal with America's 10-20 million (since there is no accurate number) illegal immigrants,they can volunteer to serve this nations military, possibly in Iraq, and no questions asked, when they have fullfilled a certain amount of time, they are a citizen, otherwise, No Deal, and lets move our attention back to the war.

This month approximately 2 US service members are being killed every day over there, and because our government does not find it important to count the causalities of the Iraqis we can only imagine how may of them die every day in this war.

Our efforts have been wasted, our troops have not been as important as those little yellow bumper stickers had implied.

Watch Baghdad ER, and perhaps it will light a fire under your feet. because...

no one has to die tomorroW.