how will america survive 2.5 more years?

The president spoke yesterday, and all afternoon the major news networks were bringing me up to date about our current immigration CRISIS. According to a self proclaimed "right wing" blog, only 11% of people polled, those who actually watched him speak, said that he did a "great job" while 70% say his speech was "a flop". Guess they didnt poll his "base".
I think right left and in between, can agree there is no crisis, just man made panic, over an issue raised for purely tactical reasons. I know, I saw the marches, and Ive heard all about immigration, from the outrage to the outrageous, it all makes me suspicious. Suddenly at 29% approval ratings, Immigration is top of the charts.

The biggest threat to the American economy isn't the housing bubble that's bursting, or the oil prices that are about to climb for the annual "summertime/hurricane season" hike, no, no no, its the MEXICANS, and those pesky porous borders. Lets just push the illegal war that has killed 2,450 American troops aside.(Even though they were thrust into harms way for no reason other than our president and his pals personal financial gains.)
The illegal war has cost Americans a lot of money that we don't have. The war that cost loss of life for reasons that are still not clearly defined. Forget about all that and lets all make every effort to get an immigration bill passed, TODAY!

The issue of illegal immigrants is not pressing. The media has always been putty in the neocons hands, this is no different. Rove needn't be an architect, just a sheep herder. Immigration was a non issue, laws, that were never enforced, laws that virtually every restaurant in America breaks, when it employs an illegal immigrant, paying them small wages, (a wage that is something like minimum wage, unlivable, and shameful). The controversy that there appears to be, has been designed to lead our focus elsewhere, place our attention anywhere but at the White House, or at George Bush.

Our national debt is increasing at about 1.93 billion dollars every day. Our nation is in debt 8.3 trillion dollars, (in debt to who, is a larger issue than immigration as well), but today is the day to start throwing money at immigration, this is questionable. Think about immigration, the issue brings chaos. That's all. Build a wall at the Mexican border? While you have your 6000 troops ready to nab Mexicans just trying to make a buck, have we forgotten all those Middle Easterners that Canada houses, with "no questions asked", What about Americas northern border?

Shortly after September 11th when the issue of securing our borders came up, it meant Canada's border. No longer, Americans are in line with the current agenda, arguing over the border, means arguing about Mexico. Canada is not a problem for anyone anymore, you have to wonder then, if it ever really was a threat to our security, their loss of interest would seem like it wasn't. But like so many other inconsistencies throughout this administration, they are just never to be spoken about again. POOF!
More important to our nations well being is the war we are ignoring.
Nearly 18,000 US soldiers have been wounded in the illegal war in Iraq, while there have been 2,450 soldiers that have given their lives for this war. Iraqis are killed every day too, in their homes, by intruders, alongside our American soldiers dieing,they are so far from their homes and families. George Bush, and his neoconservative agenda has brought America death, distrust, destruction, and hostility , they have given a new generation fuel for their hatred of Americans, while Bushco has brought themselves profit.
71% of us don't see much positive, and with only a 29% approval rating, one would have expected even a small rebellion,by now, but no, we stand frozen, in awe. BushCo can maintain their course, while the 71% step aside, because the Mainstream Media tells them too. "Theres nothing more to report".

Bushco continues to make decisions for America, even though the majority of Americans do not trust our President, or his staff. This administration does not care about telling the truth, or getting caught lying, or about whether your child gets left behind or not, as long as their own are well provided for. The members of the White House, and our Supreme Court, and Senate are rich, they have much more than the "Average American" that they pretend to be. They attempt to put our well being ahead of their own,but It takes a real special person to handle such power, without becoming corrupted by it, unfortunatly,Washington is short on such greatness.

They pass laws, and tax breaks, and designate their own pay raises, and we allow them to, because while they are violating our rights, we are wrapped up in shit. We have thinned out our culture, there are car payments and credit card bills, no time to think,we have to talk on the phone, everywhere. We are complacent, and they know it. They created the vice in which we live. The heat has been turned up on the "standard of living".

Look at the news and ask yourself why.

Why immigration today?