Judith Miller Warned about 9/11

It has been reported that Judith Miller* was warned, by, (surprise surprise) an "unamed source" from the White House, about the September 11th attacks, a couple of months before they happened. The entire story is said to be released by AlterNet sometime tomorrow, but so far Raw Story
is quoting Miller as saying,
"It was going to be a large, well-coordinated attack".
She also said, she thinks that,
"everybody knew that an attack was coming,everyone who followed this".
This makes me wonder who "everybody" is, I didnt know. I guess we would have to know what she means by,"this".


If Judith Miller was warned of an attack that was to happen IN America sometime before July 4th, then Bush knew, and where was he? At his ranch, all summer long, fishing perhaps. Not warning, or ACTING on information, he was sitting back, relaxing, on vacation.

*For those who do not remember, or cant place the name, Judith Miller was employed by the New York Times, and refused to name her source in the CIA leak investigation into the outing of covert agent, Valerie Plame. She would not reveal her source, and chose prison for 85 days instead. At the end of those 85 days miller received a phone call and a letter from her source, Scooter Libby, a member of PNAC, and Dick Cheneys Chief of Staff. He was allowing her to testify, and so she did, and he was indicted.