Corey Rowe, Producer of Loose Change II

Corey Rowe, 23, talks about his time in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shortly before September 11th 2001 he decided to join the military. By the time his basic training was done, our country had begun attacks on Afghanistan, and he was there.

Before his unit could go home, they had one last mission, that was "supposed to be HUGE". They trained, and CNN was there to watch it all. The mission never happened, there were obvious signs that Special Forces had already been there, so out of boredom they blow up caves, and fire off rounds, CNN tapes it all, and airs it as footage from an actual battle.

The media's involvement in deceiving us, is only one of the many topics he manages to cover in twenty two minutes. He talks about being assigned to a hospital in Iraq where Iraqi civilians were treated, and the governments control over the minds of the military, and how easy the government could impose martial law.

September eleventh deserves a closer look.