Stealing America. Clinton Curtis, with Video of His Testimony on Vote Flipping Software

Clinton Eugine Curtis testified in December 13, 2004, to writing a prototype program in October 2000, that could be used to fix elections. He was working for Yang Enterprises Inc (YEI).
"it would flip the vote 51/49 for whoever you wanted it to go to, and whichever race you wanted to win"
Curtis testified, that he was asked by Florida Speaker of the House (at the time) Tom Feeney, to create software to "rig an election". (Tom Feeney is currently a united states congressman in Florida, gee i wonder how he got elected!) Under oath he says Mrs. Yang, co-owner of YEI, told him to hide the fraud in the source code, in order to "control the vote in south Florida". He explains how it could work a couple of different ways, activation could be automatic or make it so code exists and it could be triggered if necessary. It seems, if a district, or an issue doesn't seem to be tallying in your favor, the server could see the flag and the votes could then be flipped.
One congressman,asking questions at this hearing manages to summarize it all:
"one person putting in bad code in a central tabulation machine could *affect ...tens of thousands of votes" (*of course affect means, change, nullify, destroy, disregard, strike, alter, distort, shift, throw away, invalidate our votes.)
For some reason the testimony of Clinton Curtis has resurfaced on the Internet. It is a mind numbing eleven minutes. I voted in the 2004 election on one of those machines. It is pitiful.

Brad Blog has been on this since the beginning, but most people have missed it. The Main Stream Media has ignored it, diverting our attention with, the Scott Peterson trial (he was sentenced to death on December 13th 2004, the same day as the Clinton Curtis testimony) and the Michael Jackson trial, two trivial cases, affecting practically none of the citizens of the US, however they greatly overshadowed our compromised voting machines that DIRECTLY AFFECT EVERY AMERICAN! Shameful.

The Main Stream Media is lost, and so are you if you take them at their word.

***In 2002 Curtis was also involved in turning in information to Raymond Lemme, (a Florida state government inspector) involving YEI and one of their employees, Henry Nee. Nee was selling military secrets to the Chinese. Lemme told Curtis 6.03 that he traced the corruption 'all the way to the top'. Lemme was found dead in a Georgia hotel room, ruled a suicide, 7.1.03. The photos were released and the suicide story is weak. Brad Blog goes over the entire case here.
Or you could check out the brief Hustler Magazine version here, September 2006 issue, on stands now.