Seek the Truth

Today the world had about a million moments of silence for the nearly 3000 people that died on September eleventh five years ago.
We still have no answers.
The focus this week was on the fictitious "docudrama" about September eleventh, starring Harvey Keitel. Tonight I have picked two movies, that should have been on ABC instead.

9/11: Press For Truth

It is starts off about The 9.11 Commission Report, (the lies and half truths, and omitted testimony) and ends with a 9.11 terror time line that will change the way you watch (or read) the news. It unveils the strong friendship Bushco found in the Main Stream Media (we're not just talking about FOX news). Above the suspicious collapse, and the lack of airplane debris, is the media's absence. Journalists are revered as our great link to the truth, and most Americans think they can trust the news, but you cannot.
Question authority, and Question the Media, seek the truth.

The second feature

Loose Change II

A look inside 9.11, a documentary that warrants national attention. It is baffling that this Keitel movie was going to be shown in high school classrooms across our nation, while Loose Change II gains publicity only through independent channels. Loose Change II asks smart questions, highlights inconsistencies, and reveals some of the most imperative, yet overlooked stories, that our 24 hour news teams chose to gloss over.

To honor those who died on September eleveth lets stop linking their deaths to Saddam Hussein, and become active members in the global community. Read beyond the front page. We (the American people) have an obligation to the whole world to find out the truth about September eleventh. If Bushco was not afraid of the truth they would be able to answer about a hundred questions we have about what really happened.

Our freedom has been compromised, and only the truth will set us free.