American Democracy Hacked by Diebold

Diebold AccuVote touch-screen voting machines have been put to the test by Computer Scientists at Princeton University, and the results are VERY unfavorable for Diebold, they fail to protect the votes they tally.

Diebold is capable of helping someone steal any election.

The Computer Scientists at Princeton made a virus, and hacked into the machines, the virus flipped votes, and then erased itself, leaving like it was never there. In 2004 Clinton Curtis had testified (to members of Congress) to doing the same thing . Curtis said, under oath, that in October of 2000 he created software to "rig" an election. The Princeton study also found that the vote access card could easily be made and fixed to allow someone to vote over and over, all day if they'd like.

Yesterday, in an unrelated story, an elementary school in Bloomington Minnesota got a visit from the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, a man that reports DIRECTLY to President Bush, spoke to children ages 5 through 11 about Internet piracy. Jon Dudas, the Government Representative said "property theft on the Internet and elsewhere, costs BUSINESSES as much as $250 billion a year".

Why does the US have money and time to spend ensuring that Walmart, Target, Sony and Paramount dont lose any revenue, while our right to fair elections are being eliminated? Time and money that these kids could have in the classroom, as American schools are considered seriously flawed at the very least.

America is occupying Iraq, bringing THIS great Democracy to them, over 300 BILION $'s over there so we can have ZERO democracy over HERE!

This is a nightmare for our country. There is no democracy.

h/t bradblog